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Toyota AdBlue

Our latest (Euro 6) diesel engines – fitted in Hilux, PROACE, and Land Cruiser models – run on AdBlueTM, a diesel exhaust fluid that plays a vital role in reducing harmful Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, as well as ensuring you enjoy reliable motoring for years to come.
  • Benefits of AdBlue™

    • AdBlueTM is a diesel exhaust fluid that reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines
    • It’s a high purity urea solution that’s harmless and easy to use
    • It’s not a fuel or a fuel additive and is used in a dedicated tank
    • Has no effect on your Toyota’s performance, efficiency or your driving enjoyment
    • Protects the environment through the reduction of harmful Nox


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When your Toyota is utilising AdBlueTM, Nitrogen Oxide produced by your diesel engine is converted into nitrogen and steam. This considerably reduces the emissions of harmful Nitrogen Oxide, a considerable source of atmospheric pollution.

You can refill AdBlueTM yourself, although we recommend that you ask your nearest Toyota Authorised Repairer to carry this out for you.

  1. Ensure your Toyota is parked on a level surface, turn the engine off and open the bonnet
  2. Remove the AdBlueTM tank cap
  3. Insert a bottle of AdBlueTM and fully tighten it
  4. Push down on the bottle and begin to refill. Ensure you refill slowly so that it does not spill and do not remove the bottle until it is empty
  5. Check that no AdBlueTM remains in the bottle and then remove it. When the AdBlueTM level is empty, repeat steps 3-5 until approximately 3.8L or more of AdBlueTM has been added
  6. Close the AdBlueTM tank cap ensuring you hear a click and check that the engine starts – this may take a few seconds longer than normal

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